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Hubsters Brewery is a business built from the passion to brew great beer.  It started with Michael, our Master Brewer, having the vision and drive to start making beer at home to replicate some of the great beers he had tried and tested down the pub after work on a Friday.


Not content with using out of a can brew kits he set upon designing a custom made system.  After many months collecting parts and fabricating components the brewery was ready. The first brew (Hopscotch) was a huge sucess with family and friends and therefore the challenge was on to brew more!


This is when Pete, another passionate brewer, joined the Friday night brew club.  After work the pair attempted to perfect their craft until the early hours.  After the initial sucess they continued to brew Hopscotch but also experimented with new hops and grain to find more beers they could perfect and expand the range they could offer to friends and family.

Months later, it became clear that Pete and Mike could make a sucessful business from making beer and the plan was set in motion to come up with a name, brand identity and marketing ideas to sell the beer to the public.

As a side line to the business, Pete and Mike have the ability to supply bottles and pump clips, custom branded for a venue or event.  Using their knowledge of the print industry we offer a service to rebrand our beer into your own, this is ideal marketing for your pub/club to have its own house beer or even offer it as a service to weddings/function at your venue.